The late Cy Grant

Film Producer Patrick Vernon gives a personal account on meeting the late Cy Grant, who was credited for his work as an actor, singer, writer and who served in the Royal Air Force during the 1940s:

“It was with deep shock to hear of the death of Cy Grant. I only had the chance to get to know him during his twilight years but it was a real honour and pleasure to learn from such a distinguished elder.

I was only in correspondence with him for about six months past when I was hoping he would be involved with this project [The Charmed Life Campaign], so that young people from Haringey would interview veterans and ex service men and women. He however, declined the offer due to ill health at the time. We spoke on a number of occasions and although he never saw my film, A Charmed Life, he received positive feedback which he kindly shared. I can even remember him sending a signed autographed copy of memoirs as a thank you in recording the life of an ex service man Eddie Martin Noble.

This makes me feel more determined to continue this oral history work and to encourage others to do the same. There are not many Cy Grants left and we need take action now to capture their stories before it’s too late.

Also, I am still pushing the idea of a Windrush Day so please sign the petition so we acknowledge the lives of people like Grant who are still unsung heroes: Windrush Petition


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