Hackney Roots

Hackney Routes is a family history project with the aim to support local people to record and document their ancestors and descendants from African and the Caribbean by exploring the inter connection between Hackney and the international dimension which have shaped family history and cultural identity locally.

The project will work with individuals and family members who live or have strong family connections with the borough. Participants must be willing to develop a case study based on interviews and research on an aspect of their family history which can be shared with others in the borough.

We are looking for people who will have an interest in family history, commitment to write or be interviewed as part of a case study and to attend sessions from November 2009 to March 2010. Course orientation 26th of November at 6pm Hackney Museum 1 Reading Lane London E8 1GQ.

To register for the family history course please email Patrick Vernon egeninfo@tgis.co.uk or call 0845 260 5565 or Cheryl Bowen at Hackney Museum Cheryl.Bowen@hackney.gov.uk or telephone 0208 356 3500.
Partners: Hackney Museum, Hackney Archives and Every Generation supported by Discover Hackney


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